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Just Being The Idea Guy

Today I was reading this post that seemed very common where someone had an idea of sort in an effort to create a business I guess yo can say. However, it seemed like he had the mentality of where he felt that it was good enough that as long as he had the idea a lot of people would donate their time to work with him in making it a reality. I find this to be so common especially online.

I think like with any idea or intent to create anything where you are looking for partners of sort you have to think of it in a way such as what you can bring to the table in terms of skill or work. I have never seen a situation where it is good enough to just say you have an idea. For example, if a person has an invention idea they can at least create a prototype or if one has an idea for a show they can at least do something like the writing aspect.

Of course, on the other side is if you have an idea in a field that you have no training or skill in then usually that would mean you would be the one that would be providing funding to make it happen. It does make me curious at times where people develop the habit of thinking that the role of an idea guy, so to speak, is good enough on its own as that is almost like playing the lottery to a certain extent I say.

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