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The Joys of Using Your Resources To Bring A Smile Onto Others

drone lake balloon

Today I was just casually getting some practice in flying the drone and to my surprise there was a person who was launching these small balloons of sort using hot air as from what I gather these were supposed to be a way of making a wish. Now of course normally once they launch it and it flies away you pretty much can’t see it too well as it is like a small dot. However, because I had the drone I was able to follow it at times and show them the view from above while it floated.

Often times when I make big purchases like these I enjoy being able to share the experience with others who may not normally have the means to do it themselves. I always felt that if you have the ability to use your resources to help others and make them smile it can in many ways encourage you to make purchases that will benefit you and a lot of other people as well. This would tend to make you think before spending all your money on things that will only last like a few minutes as an example as opposed to items and resources that will have intrinsic value of sort.

Do the things that make you happy of course. But at the same time don’t forget the value of being able to share your wealth as they say.

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