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It’s A Small World

For some reason this month it seemed like I kept bumping into old contacts as way back from my elementary school days. Whether it was simply browsing online or attending an event, everyone just seemed to have come out from the woodwork. The cool thing was learning about everyone’s current profession and for some it was great to know that we could help each other out in some way if needed from a business point of view. At the same time, it was funny to see how with certain people we could have bumped into each other earlier as we were already interconnected through our daily network of friends and associates.

I don’t know about everyone else, but early on I was always taught that you shouldn’t pick on say the quiet person who seems to be the least popular as that same person can end up being the owner of a powerful company or your boss of tomorrow. Likewise, if you are leaving from a less than admirable situation, such as finding a new job, that doesn’t mean it is time to start burning your bridges as you can easily end up working with the same people again except in a different way. It really is that small of a world.

One person told me a story on how he was an inventory buyer for a certain company and while he was there he refused to carry a particular line of product from a certain vendor and he wasn’t very polite in rejecting the person who represented them as well. A few years down the road, both of them were now working together for a new company with the same title position except in different departments. Obviously, the friction was still there as well.

Some people are actually very good at maintaining a relationship with others despite having been backstabbed or poorly treated. I must admit, for myself I tend to be on the less tolerant side if I know that the person intentionally did something harmful without any real remorse whether it be to myself or others. Even in those cases though I handle it professionally while at the same time keeping it in mind should I ever bump into them in the future. I suppose it is one of those you can forgive but you don’t forget situations.

So remember to be nice to the people that you meet. Especially in business, your contacts are a very valuable part of your daily operations.

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