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Items That Are Not So Publicized

Recently I have been watching this new show called Recipes To Riches where essentially average people pitch their homemade food recipes for a chance to turn it into a product that will be sold at the supermarkets. There were already some winners and their products indeed were at the supermarkets.

I didn’t actually see them for myself until today. While it was interesting, the first thing that came to my mind was how expensive the items were it seemed. You could probably get an item similar for about 30% less I was thinking. Afterwards I was just thinking how much these items were marked up with a big factor that it was something publicized so much on TV and so many people would probably buy it just to see what it is like.

The other thought I had was how avoiding publicized items like those if you are on a tight budget could go a long way. It’s usually harder to find though as most stores carry only well known brands as that is what people want. In those cases, I often found a good way to locate cheaper items of the same quality is to try and research who or which manufacturer the companies gets their supply from to make the products. You can usually find lists of other suppliers that way who may offer pretty much the same items for less.

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