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Item Hoarders

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Today a person was telling me about something they saw on TV(Think it was from the Oprah show). Apparently, it dealt with people that had a habit of simply keeping everything that they own as oppose to getting rid of unnecessary things. At the same time, they just continue to acquire more unnecessary things. The term used to describe them were hoarders.

While it didn’t deal with finance specifically, apparently one story dealt with a lady that had an enormous amount of belongings scattered all over her living space. So they eventually organized and sold off a lot of the items which accumulated to well over $10,000.

I actually haven’t heard of the term hoarder for quite awhile. Getting rid of unnecessary things can be a great way to keep organized while at the same time recovering some funds. I guess there is a difference between being a hoarder and a collector. I personally see collecting more as an investment. In general, if you don’t intend to use it in some way or form then don’t buy it I’d say.

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