Is One Free Sample Enough

Is One Free Sample Enough

Recently I decided to opt in to this program where you get to try out new items where the deal is you would give your honest feedback for market research purposes. One item I got was a protein bar where the sample they gave you was simply one bar. It’s the exact same you would get if you were to buy it in a package from a retail store. After trying it the funny thing was I had a hard time forming an opinion because I thought it was a bit too small to really give some thorough thoughts on.

It would be almost like saying try judging some fast food restaurant French fries by simply eating one piece of fry. I am sure you can give an opinion of sort but you would probably need to eat a couple to kind of verify some thoughts that you may have about the product. Makes you think as a business should you only give people one small sample or a couple in these types of situations?

The main rationale to give one I would imagine is that you can potentially reach more people by doing so which means more opinions. Would you get a more accurate opinion though if you focused on fewer people by giving them more? I know even in live store food samples sometimes it takes more than one to get people to buy the item.

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