Is It Easier To Make Money By Not Worrying About It?
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Is It Easier To Make Money By Not Worrying About It?

Someone was telling that money is such a difficult thing to deal with and that it demands too much from you as you need to make so much just to get by which basically puts you in this never ending cycle of financial worries. On top of that, he gets a little frustrated when he sees how others have everything under control. The majority of the people I talk to seem to be more along the side of it’s not hard to make money, but rather it can be kind of difficult to find something that you like to do while being able to generate a decent income from that.

From my personal observation, I think most of the time the stress in regards to making money is self created as people tend to expect too much in the most ideal way. At the same time, I think worrying about it too much distracts you from actually doing the things that are necessary to bring yourself to the position that you want to be in. I guess it is like seeing people do sales. Ever notice how so many times the people that try so hard can’t seem to get anything while saying it is such a stressful ordeal yet the ones that seem so casual and relaxed get all the results? While obviously there can be a lot of factors for that, the one common trait that I see is that the successful ones don’t focus so much on making money in that case, but rather doing a good job in turn creates the sale.

I always find it funny with things like prizes too where so many time it seems like the people who need it less or could care less ends up winning it. While none of this should be taken in a direct literal way such as you should just throw away your bills now and not worry about them which in turn will make it go away, I guess the thing to take away is that there is some truth to the whole notion on how if you focus more on the essence of your goal the results will come.

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