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Is It Awkward To Christmas Shop Now?

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I saw a couple of news segments today where it was discussing how so many people are doing their Christmas shopping now and it felt like the message was this was kind of awkward. From what I gathered it’s because there are still other holidays coming up before Christmas and so this seems a little excessive to plan this early.

I am personally a fan of shopping early to avoid the crowds and at the same time the large possibility of price gouging from various merchants as they anticipate there will be a lot of desperate last minute shoppers. Not only that, with a few holidays coming up beforehand this gives you even more opportunities to buy those gifts during big sales events.

It’s almost like tax returns I think. While it’s true most people don’t do it early, getting it out of the way ahead of time can sure save a lot of headache. I guess there’s nothing wrong being different in that case.

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