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Is Bottled Drinking Water An Unnecessary Expense?

I was reading an article on how big the bottled water industry is which makes it a multibillion dollar industry every year. The article then began to briefly cover why people are so obsessed over bottled water. Basically, it came down to convenience and the biggest reason of all seems to be that most people believe that it is a lot safer and healthier to drink bottled water which makes the expense worth it.

It was kind of interesting as they then talked about how the tap water is just as safe to drink if not better and explained what kind of a rigorous process the water has to go through before it reaches to your tap. Then one point they made which was kind of true I suppose is that if you think about it, most bottled water basically comes from somewhere and then into the bottle which doesn’t exactly make it safer.

Kind of interesting when you think about it. I guess I must admit that I am one of those people who have grown up with the mentality that water which has been bottled has gone through some kind of process to make sure that it is better for you. When I think tap water, I guess the main image I have of it is that it simply goes straight from point A to point B with some precautions and so it doesn’t sound as safe to drink.

In the overall picture it doesn’t account for too much of my finances personally, but this sure makes you think if you need to squeeze out every penny. Some people even say just boil the water if you are that concerned and then bottle it to save money.

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