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iPhoneNow Complaints

Today I read in the Vancouver Sun about a long list of customer complaints in regards to the site where apparently a lot of people have sent the company money back in December in hopes to get an iPhone since it isn’t available in Canada. Unfortunately, people haven’t gotten the product as expected.

The article went on to say how some people have started to issue charge backs on their credit card and the company is attempting to retaliate by issuing fees to hopefully scare people off from doing so. If you were one of those people who gave them money, I guess it is advisable that you should take some kind of action now.

The eyebrow raising thing about this article when I read it is that I actually know a company here in Vancouver that had an unadmirable business experience with them.
That kind of reminded me the importance of keeping updated with your contacts from time to time to protect each other from questionable individuals. Have to watch out for each other I guess you can say in terms of keeping a healthy community.

I suppose an important lesson here too is that if a company doesn’t deliver a product as intended and you used a credit card, don’t let them drag you on with promises that it will be done before doing anything about. A good example would be a certain store that has a thirty day return policy and when they do not deliver what they promise they hold you out until it passes the thirty day mark. As a result, you will have a tough time getting anything back afterwards.

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  • We have been following the scandal for quite a number of weeks, we have a blog totally devoted to the information we have collected:

    scamwatcher 2/12/2008 2:56 am

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