Investments For A One Time Use
Financial Management

Investments For A One Time Use

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I agreed to help setup some things for the Olympics and since I will be handling some gear that could be potentially dangerous it looks like I will need to invest in items like steel toed boots. While it is a wise thing to do, I can’t help to think that it is kind of a waste to buy something just to use it for such a short while.

So instead, my first thought is not to just go out and buy one but rather try to find someone that also owns a pair and wouldn’t mind letting me use it as well. It’s probably wiser to just pay a friend say a rental fee too instead of spending so much money for an item that won’t be used too often for myself. There was the other train of thought which was to simply buy the cheapest available model possible. Then again, I was thinking just how reliable an extremely cheap product would be.

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