Investing In Pest Control For Mosquitoes or Not
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Investing In Pest Control For Mosquitoes or Not

This was irritating the other night while try to sleep as there were multiple moments where all of a sudden I could hear this buzzing noise getting closer in the dark. It was a mosquito trying to get an easy meal I guess. At first I just blindly swatted in the direction to get it away hoping that it would go away. But it persisted. Then there were moments where I opened the lights to see if I could find it but there was no luck.

This went on or a bit where eventually I was able to spot it with the light on and that was the end of it. That got me thinking as this happens every year during the summer time which is why I actually debated about investing in something such as a bug zapper where it gets attracted by the light only to then get zapped as it enters within the object. But I didn’t end up getting it as most of them were over $50 which kind of made me debate if it was worth it.

In the moment I would say it would have been worth it since it was disrupting my sleep. But after I did get rid of the mosquito manually it felt like I didn’t need it after all. But either way I am imagining I would have been okay with either outcome. Or a more common example everyone has experienced a fly attempting to land on your dinner as an example. It happens all the time and so like there would you be inclined to spend money on a solution for it or just swat away as it happens?

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