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Investing In Good Food Storage Solutions to Save Money

Recently I had some family members who wanted some fresh raw juice as it is really expensive to buy them from the stores. Since I have a machine to do it I can make it for people for the fraction of the price. Usually though it is recommend that you drink the juice right away since things like the air will quickly make the juice bland and as a result it won’t taste as good. I have actually been trying to find some kind of good air tight vacuum solution for it but couldn’t find any yet.

This made me think though how many rimes people would actually throw away stuff like this because the quality can drop pretty quickly. However, if you invest in some kind of good storage solution you can then keep it longer where hopefully that extra time allows you to actually consume everything without waste. Fruits and vegetables are a great example as I often see people throwing away food that gets moldy for being in the fridge too long or leftovers that taste bad so in the garbage it goes.

However, having something like a vacuum sealed solution can save you a lot of money as you can store stuff for a lot longer. For myself the only issue is actually finding the right solution such as a vacuum sealed glass jar solution. But once I do find one I could then stock up on stuff to give to people so they can take their time and save money for a few days straight.

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