Investing In Gold
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Investing In Gold

I’ve been reading a lot of articles recently on how the price of gold has reached to about $1,000 an ounce which is a new record. The funny thing about this is that I often hear people suggest that investing in gold is a good idea yet people like myself don’t really put much thought into it for some reason.

I know as I grew older it seemed like whenever someone mentioned the word “investing” it would always revolve around stocks or real estate. When it comes to gold, the only time where I really identified it as a good way to maintain a sort of wealth portfolio is from watching all those children cartoon shows as a kid. You know, like how all the characters always fight over gold or how it seems like it is the only item used to measure wealth. So, maybe that convinced me to sway away from that thought.

When you read about it in situations like this though, it sure does sound like a wise form of investment.

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