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Investing In And Hiring The Same People Because of Trust

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I thought this was a point that people often overlook when it comes to wondering why certain people seem to always get hired for jobs to the point where it seems impossible to break in a specific industry. One would think in order to be noticed for those contracts that you simply have to be way better than the other person. But that isn’t always true as it could simply come down to the fact that whoever is spending the money wants to hire people who they trust.

I was thinking about this as recently a person I knew got the green light to start a project that would consist of hiring and contracting a ton of companies to help make the project a reality. In trying to find people to fill in various roles it seems like the person’s first criteria was to see who they trusted and to and hire them to do as many positions as possible. As well, it was expressed that doing so means they are investing in these people who will hopefully become bigger which in turn means they can be a better asset and partner as time goes on.

Like there it didn’t really have anything to do with a huge resume. It’s almost like reaching out to a family member that has the skill and know how to do something where it make sense to pay them instead of a random business you never worked with if they could do the job. That way there are better odds that the person genuinely wants to make sure you are getting the best and investing in them technically makes it better for the whole family circle I guess you could say.

That’s an interesting point to think about too where when you find those people you truly trust then continually investing in them to hopefully maintain that relationship can be an important part of growing a business in the same vein as a regular company trying to maintain loyal employees.

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