Investing In A Book or A Person For Advice
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Investing In A Book or A Person For Advice

Wasn’t this a funny topic. I was told of a scenario where someone was looking to get advice about getting into the world of Forex trading how it works. He had a choice of spending about $70 in a consultation fee of sort to have an expert teach it to him or he could spend about $25 on a book to get similar information. So with that he was debating if it would be better to just get the book as he is saving money that way.

I’m inclined to say if you are trying to just research out of curiosity then investing in materials such as a book probably makes a little more sense. Like anything else, if you were say interested in say how to cook certain things it’s probably better to buy a book and read about it as oppose to paying a hefty fee in having a professional teach it to you. I think the main debate is if you need it done right at that moment where if it is very time sensitive. In that sense you don’t have time to research and learn everything yourself.

Though honestly, if you are doing that mostly from a financial point of view I would even go as far as saying just save your money all together as there is a wealth of information you can find on the Internet. Just takes a little bit more time and research on your part.

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