Investing Financially For Natural Disasters or Not
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Investing Financially For Natural Disasters or Not

I am sure most people today read about the news about the surprising tsunamis in Indonesia today which resulted in hundreds of deaths on top of massive amounts of property damage. For the most part it sounded like people were simply caught by surprise where there was no real chance of knowing ahead of time to prepare oneself.

This made me hear some reactions from people where when it comes to investing money into extreme natural disaster preparations they felt it was a waste of money because if someone big happened like this you will probably end up biting the dust anyways. So why invest all the money into a contingency that may burden you financially?

To me that is a little too extreme in terms of not getting things like say some kind of insurance protection if it makes sense at least for your area. Otherwise it would kind of be like saying there is no point worrying about taking care of your health in general because you can die just like that unexpectedly eating contaminated food.

I think for myself the main difference is if you are being asked to literally invest in like an extra property that you can’t afford just in case one gets destroyed during an event like this then I would say that is silly. The amount of financial burden that you would be putting yourself in everyday wouldn’t make sense. But if there is something reasonable where should such a thing happen then you can recover faster as a result then sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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