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Interesting Sales Associate Characters

This was new to me. Today I went to the mall and my dad was looking for hiking shoes where we ended up in a Zellers store. There he saw a bunch of shoes lined up and as well throughout the store there were these signed that said 25% off all athletic shoes. Therefore, he thought this meant the hiking shoes as well. An associate who appeared to be in her sixties or so then came by and so he asked if the shows were indeed on sale.

In a rather cranky voice she at first said no and that it was only for a particular line up of shoes. Afterwards my dad asked her how come these hiking shoes weren’t a part of the sale too. This was kind of surprising and funny I thought as her answer in a cranky voice was that there are sales on those at times but that we just never go to “her” store when there is a sale. Eventually we went to look at another place.

The first thing that came to mind was how I remembered about the news that these stores were going to be taken over by Target and so maybe she was just not trying as she figured whats the point. It’s kind of funny though as you always hear stories about “interesting” customers all the time but I guess in this business it’s the other way around. Sure makes you wonder if they even invest in any kind of say secret shopper program to see how the associates interact with people. At least it was something new for me as this is the type of stuff you expect to only see in movies or TV shows.

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