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Interesting Conversation With The Credit Card Company

So I called the credit card company to dispute charges from that BlueFur web hosting company. It was handled pretty professionally I thought. At first the person didn’t know what company it was and just asked generally if I had an agreement with the business as he was trying to understand why they would bill me still.

Immediately, I started to mention how upon doing research on the Internet it seemed like a ton of other people have had similar issues with this company when it comes to billing issues and so it seems like there is something wrong with the company’s processing system.

Afterwards I questioned as to how the company was able to bill me still too when technically I was given a new chip credit card. Hence, in my view you should have to literally give the vendor your new number before they can charge you. The representative told me that merchants have this protection that enables them to charge people if the customer agreed to like an annual payment plan. That does and doesn’t make sense to me personally.

The customer service representative then tried to think of another possible scenario where maybe when the company credited me back initially they now realize that they gave me too much credit and so they charged me this new fee to balance out the difference. I mentioned that wasn’t the case for sure and that the fee was a service that was related to hosting a site with them.

The guy was actually tech savvy and understood what it was. As well, I told him that I clearly stated on my request to cancel all the services and because of the nightmare stories I have read from others I have kept a record of all of my requests. I even told the representative that the owner of the company replied right here on my blog saying that everything was canceled too.

The person then commented how it was a very smart move to document everything and it seemed like he never seen anyone that prepared to dispute a charge. Tell you this much, that comes from life experience in dealing with people and companies that don’t want to honor their side of an agreement or all of a sudden begin to play dumb. Business can be an ugly thing.

Here is the unfortunate part. Basically, I still need to manually fill out these forms apparently which the person mentioned that he will send to me immediately and it can take up to 10 days. Afterwards, the process itself can take up to another 45 days.

I questioned if in the meantime that means that I have to actually pay for the charge. He replied by saying that I appeared to be a person who always fully pays his monthly credit card bill and so to avoid the possible interest charges I should pay it to be safe.

Hopefully by doing this I will block out the company completely as at this point I don’t trust Blue Fur to do a competent job in not billing me for stuff that I have requested a cancellation for.

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