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Integrating Online And Offline Shopping For Boxing Day Deals

So today was the biggest shopping day of the year with boxing day. I seriously thought that this was the easiest year of all so far in terms of getting the deals that I wanted without having to deal with crazy lineups or disappointments.

What helped a lot is that almost every major purchase that I wanted was made online. Either it will be shipping to me soon or today I was able to just walk into the store and pick it up. As a result, the rest of the deals I went to a physical store for were for items that I knew people wouldn’t be fighting over. Example, food and beverage products or accessories. As well, I went fairly early and it was not chaotic at all.

Afterwards, I just had fun looking around to see if I bumped into anything else good that I knew others may want/need. Spent about $300 which ended up as a savings of about $700. Not bad for holding off on a bunch of items until today.

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