Insisting In Doing One Type of Job

Insisting In Doing One Type of Job

A lot of times people would embrace the idea of expanding into services that relate to their offerings if it meant they could give people more value while in the end generating more revenue as well. But today a person told me how he insists to all his clients that even though he can do something he will always advise them to hire someone else for those roles as he only wants to be known for one item.

In this case the person offered videography service for couples that are getting married as people usually want someone to capture all their special moments. Usually for weddings people would want photos and video as well. In this case the person was using a camera that does both. So in many ways he could do both. However, one of his main point was that he didn’t want to be known as a photographer. So with that in mind he needs to stay away from it to stay specific as a video business.

That’s an interesting point too as sticking with a specific offering can in many ways be better than offering a bunch of service. Especially if you are a one man operation like in this case. Even for large companies often getting into too many spaces can be a negative overall.

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