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Insistent On Traditional Image Perception

So I am going to meet a person next week to discuss about a potential business relationship and I knew right off the bat that this was a sole proprietor type of operation. The interesting thing was in virtually all of the correspondents the person appeared to be insistent in trying to make his business sound semi large. For example, in all of the communications there would be emphasizes on the office building and how it is located in the downtown core, there will be secretaries and assistants to guide me, etc.

Really, I already knew ahead of time that this was like a virtual office setup where people simply pay to say use the location for a mailing address while occasionally using the space. To me I personally wouldn’t care too much if the person flat out just said they are their own boss and run their business mainly at home. I would think nowadays it can be more impressive where you are able to sustain a viable business at the comfort of your own home.

Shouldn’t it all be about the numbers at the end anyways when it comes to a business? Example, one guy that makes a million a year in his living room versus a guy that makes fifty thousand while have a traditional office can be more impressive in terms of your image perception. To me that shows that the person knows how to be resourceful and can think out of the box.

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