ING Canadian Superstar Saver Contest
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ING Canadian Superstar Saver Contest

Lisa from ING Direct Canada sent me a message about a contest that they are holding where money saving gurus can win $10,000. I figured people here would be interested in it.

From the looks of it, all you need to do is create a video to showcase original things that you do to save money. The video will be shown on and the videos will be voted on to determine a winner. You can read more about it at the Superstar Saver site.

I also asked Lisa on whether the videos could be completely fictional in an entertaining way and it was mentioned that the best videos would be ones that offer practical advice while being entertaining. I guess that means using can and ropes as a form of communication to save money on the telephone bill won’t be a good entry idea then.

Maybe I’ll try something for fun.

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