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Inflated Mall Prices

Just the other day while at the mall the person I was with had an interesting observation. He wanted to go to a particular place at the food court and so he began to look at the menu. His first reaction was that all the meals were about $2 more expensive compared to the same places that were outside of the mall. This was a franchise and so you would think that the prices would be the same.

He then mentioned that you could find the same restaurant/franchise just outside of the mall and so we headed there. Sure enough, he was right. The menu was cheaper for the exact same stuff and it was literally just like two blocks away from the mall. Interesting way to save money. I guess the prices aren’t as inflated compared to say seeing the same franchises at an airport location.

I have often found that merchandise stores usually have the same prices though regardless if it is in a mall or not.

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