Indecisive When People Are Not Billed For Your Service

Indecisive When People Are Not Billed For Your Service

As I was just double checking if I had work to complete I was looking at an account where I was actually helping someone out as a favor and the project was still incomplete. This was because the person has still not gathered all of his materials while making a decision on the item should be built. Now because he isn’t being billed in the traditional sense as he is being given a lot of flexibility it’s almost like he is not taking it seriously.

That reminds me how many times people can simply take your work for granted when they aren’t really paying for it to the point where sometimes it’s better to always just charge something even if you are doing it as a favour. That way at least the person has something invested into it to the point where having that little fear of loss of an investment will get them to follow through.

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