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Incompetent Telus And Yellow Pages Billing

About 7 months ago I stopped using a local phone service provider named Telus for a phoneline and as a result I shouldn’t have had anymore dealings with them. As it turns out, they also own the telephone phonebook company called Yellow pages who billed me for services that I did not authorize. So, I phoned in to get it rectified and sure enough they admitted that it was their mistake.

The strange thing was, this was a monthly invoiced service and they mentioned that they cannot stop the billing process. Instead, they would just add credit to my account which should even it out. Silly me, I initially just paid for the first month of the error hoping that would just speed things up as like most invoices you get charged an interest fee for not paying it on time. They did mention that they would just write me a cheque of what they owed me afterwards too, since I was no longer using them, so again I gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought this would speed it up.

As it so happens, Yellow Pages kept invoicing me and the credit never came. This time around, I didn’t pay it as it was getting ridiculous since they owed me money still. I phoned in a second time and again they mentioned that it was their error and that it would be fixed. The annoying thing is too that Telus is the parent company who does the billing but since the charge is Yellow pages related you have to go through the Yellow pages. It’s like people in the same company just pointing fingers at each other.

As the months went by, they still didn’t give me my money back yet and get this…..I kept getting invoice summaries and they were charging me interest on that balance that they clearly admitted was their fault. I phoned in again and sure enough the same answer.

You may all know too that I am one to always pay my bills in full and have a high credit score. Wasn’t this a pleasant surprise when I got a letter from Telus saying that I had an outstanding balance and they even had employees leave messages about sending my bill to a collections agency and all.

Yup, I was fully prepared to tear them a new one as I once again phoned in. I spoke to a guy in a credit department and I basically politely questioned why they weren’t getting things right from their end as technically they still owed me hundreds of dollars and I was getting a little annoyed.

He basically apologized and mentioned that he had no idea there was a dispute in the invoice done by the Yellow Pages and that he will mark that in the account and that everything will be fixed. I also told him to better make sure they reverse all those interest charges as well. Knowing them, at this rate I thought, they will probably credit me back the original amount and forget to credit me the interest rate and hence I would get back less.

So it’s another month today and sure enough I did not get my money back yet. And get this…..another invoice summary. If this doesn’t show borderline incompetence and inefficiency I don’t know what would. Take a look at this invoice:

As you can see, they adjusted the interest penalty and credited me back for that portion as they discussed with me. But the silly thing is they are continuing to charge an interest penalty on the existing balance that they fully admitted is an error on their part. It’s basically going in a circle.

This makes me wonder how long this is going to take. It’s usually the other way around too huh where the providers are trying to collect from deadbeat customers. I guess for me it’s the other way around where the providers are the deadbeats, so to speak. 😛 What a waste of paper too I thought in sending me these invoices.

2 Comments to Incompetent Telus And Yellow Pages Billing

  • Good luck with your refund. I am fighting with yellowpages as well. I am trying to get rid of the yellowpages online listing and apparently only 1 person in the world can do that. Yes, only Cheryl can do that. WTF? I don’t want to pay $41 per month for a hotlink. If I don’t pay the bill then I will get charged interest. They did mess up the print ad as well. We moved, they sent a contract with the old address on it. I refused to sign it with old address, they would not change contract. I changed the address, initialled all changes and sent it back. They have the contract on file and I am waiting to hear what will happen with this error. In the meantime new customers are going to the wrong address.

    Yellowpages tells me that they will issue a refund if there should be a refund. So the bill sucker.

    Mike 6/30/2009 9:31 am
  • I just got the refund not too long ago. I’m not sure if you read my other post, but they were so disorganized where they told me not to pay it and then they sent the bill to a collections agency. I recorded everything too for the heck of it encase I had to take the matter further.

    If they mess up your print ad you should be entitled to a refund. They ended up printing the wrong URL with my listing and so they had to reimburse the fee every month. Something weird where they said they can’t cancel the monthly billing but would instead add credit to the account every month. In my case too that sales rep signed me up for services that I never signed for and it was easy to dispute it since I had the original contract copy.

    I paid the first month initially as a nice guy, but in turn it would have been a lot easier if I just ignored it and allow them to fix it. If you have all the documentation that it is their error and all then maybe that might be a good situation for you too.

    Alan Yu 6/30/2009 6:29 pm

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