Having Your Income Reflect Your Time Investment

Having Your Income Reflect Your Time Investment

This was definitely not a coincidence but it was kind of some useful analytics. Essentially this year I was focusing a ton on some new projects while my older ones were more on a maintenance mode of sort. Initially one of my thoughts were that since I already established one project which should stay steady I can then focus more energy on the new stuff. It has been exciting to see the income grow on the new project. But wouldn’t you know it that at the end of the day I almost made the same amount in total because not spending as much time on my older stuff has resulted in the income of those dropping.

That’s kind of disheartening of course as I would imagine like most people the intent would be to build something where if you wish you can walk away from it where it will continue to generate a nice passive income steam for you. But that wasn’t mean to be in this case. While it did make me think what I could do better it was funny how the correlation of time investment and income essentially remained the same for me.

To me that means I have to do something better because if I can’t leverage my time then this is no different than working at a standard hourly rate if you think about it. In these cases it would be good to have actual partners of sorts where it makes sense to give up some of your ownership to free up time. Ultimately everyone would benefit. That was what I thought in this situation anyways. But finding the right people is another question all together.

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