Impractical Volume Discount Offers For One Family
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Impractical Volume Discount Offers For One Family

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While at an appliance store today I was waiting for my turn as I needed to ask a question on behalf of another person about a purchase. There was only one person working and he was in the midst of assisting someone else. As I waited you could hear how the customer wanted to buy four appliances as apparently the company gave him an offer where if you buy four you can get a huge discount.

So it seemed like he wanted to furnish a new home of sort as he was eyeing things like a new refrigerator, dishwasher as well as a washer and dryer. But the employee then told him that offer wouldn’t work as it would have to be four appliances in a specific category. In this case it was a washer and dryer. That’s when the customer commented how silly that was as it is highly unlikely people would buy say two washers and two dryers. But it did get them to go to the store.

To a certain extent this can be true for particular bulk food purchases where people get a huge discount buying so much stuff but in reality they don’t need it and end up throwing the excess amount away. Sometimes focusing on what you actually need versus the discount incentive makes more sense. The only other logical way to take advantage of it is to get someone else who is in the market for those items as well.

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