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Implying You are Going Above And Beyond

I was trying to research about one company to see if they offered consumers some sort of price protection policy when it comes to buying merchandise. For example, if you bought something today just to see the price drop tomorrow you would have a peace of mind that you can get reimbursed based on the new sale price.

The thing was the company clearly stated that it did not offer a price protection policy at all. However, upon doing further research it appeared that they usually always do indeed reimburse people if it turns out the item that they bought has recently dropped in price. The twist is the customer service agent would always tell the customer that they don’t offer a price protection service normally but because they value them as a customer they will refund them the difference.

Thinking about that, whether or not that is intentionally planned that way it probably does a great job at building loyalty and consumer confidence. I know if I saw that I would immediately think the company went above and beyond for me and so in return I should return the favor by doing more business with them. Kind of an interesting psychological approach to accomplishing that though if this is indeed intentional.

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