Immersive Replication of The Experience To Save Money
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Immersive Replication of The Experience To Save Money

With the new years eve celebrations today there are a ton of people who want the opportunity to partake in some live events. However, the cost is often out of reach for them. This could be as simple as getting up close views of the fireworks or watching some kind of act. That’s why I thought it was interesting to hear how some people simply try and recreate the experiences.

For example, for things like fireworks and a concert I was seeing how some people are using VR goggles that make it appear as if the person is literally there with a full 360 degree view. Of course there are a lot of things you probably don’t get such as the energy of the live crowd and such but visually they can get the same experience they would in many ways for a fraction of the cost.

Kind of makes me wonder if that will be a new trend to save money. For example, want to see a live sporting event as if you are there? Purchase a virtual seat. I am sure many would say it’s just not the same. But that’s not a bad alternative financially I would imagine to get the experience you are seeking.

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