Immediately Investing Instead of Saving Extra Money
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Immediately Investing Instead of Saving Extra Money

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While I am usually one to save a lot of money as I really don’t like purchasing things that I don’t really need I had a scenario recently where I got some income from a side project where for the most part it was extra money. While putting it in the savings can be a good idea the thought that immediately ran into my mind was to find a way to reinvest that into this project to hopefully make it even better. That ultimately would mean more income as well.

For a money saver I think that is essential where we are often taught to save our money and never spend it. But people often associate investing the same as with just buying things you don’t need which is definitely not the same. A common example is when people get some kind of big pay day or bonus they would go to an expensive restaurant and spend maybe $30 to $100 having a feast and good time. In that scenario I would probably say it’s better to save your money.

But instead if it was something such as you have been thinking of starting that online business where for $30 to $100 you can now purchase something like web hosting service to do so then that can be a wise way to spend your money as you are proactively trying to find ways to make more with it. Find ways to get you’re your money to work for you as they say.

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