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Immediately Going Back To Normal After COVID or Not

There was news here that tomorrow will officially be the end of the state of emergency procedures. As well, things such as mandatory masks will also be dropped. There are a ton of people ready to immediately treat everything as it was before all this and there are some who insist in staying the same to be safe. Would you tend to just go back to normal or wait still after all this time?

I would imagine for businesses that were forced to close they will probably open up right away. As well, some procedures such as outdoor patios I would imagine will remain since it can still work for people who would rather be outdoors during the nice weather. For myself it’s basically just treating everyday as something different and I would imagine most people will keep working remotely or using more digital solutions if they can versus commuting too much.

The conflict between those who insist it must be done one way will be an interesting thing to look out for.

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