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Image Portrayal

Guess a lot of people heard about that Beijing Olympics deal and how there was a little girl that lip-synched the opening ceremony song as the event organizers felt that the original singer was a bit too chubby and wouldn’t be as presentable. I was kind of surprised that was front page news today in the local papers here.

That was indeed pretty surprising to me personally as I always figured the Olympics was all about diversity anyways as oppose to being some kind of Hollywood show. When I think about it from a general point of view though, even in say events marketing many times companies use people to represent them solely as the spokesperson who doesn’t say have the skills but rather the right image.

So in that sense I am a little surprised how big this news is. The other stuff I read was interesting though such as having paid fans in the audience to help fill in empty seats and to project a super happy image of the events to the media. Again though, that’s not too unheard of.

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