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Ignoring When People Say No

Haven’t had this happen much recently as today I got a telemarketing call in regards to signing up for a credit card. As usual, out of politeness I listened to the person’s pitch but of course was not interested. The funny thing was even though I told the person that I was not interested it seemed like it would literally go through deaf ears and the person would respond as if I was asking more questions about it.

For example, I literally told the person “Sorry, I am not interested in another credit card at this time” and the person would literally respond by saying things such as “Yes, it is a credit card that enables you to earn points to your grocery shopping.” It just kept going on and on. I was actually kind of amazed at how many different paths and pre-scripted answers they had to try and keep the person on the line in hopes that they just say one thing that will get the person to say yes.

It’s like there is strategies to be learned there in some ways for people that are trying to pitch their business ideas to others. Of course, try to take out the annoying parts.

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