If You Have To Nag People To Run Their Own Business

If You Have To Nag People To Run Their Own Business

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Many times they say if you want to succeed then one key thing is to surround yourself with people who get things done while being a positive influence to help you become better. This got me thinking as recently a person asked for help for a person they knew and I agreed to do it. However, the individual in question apparently doesn’t seem very motivated to get up and take initiate to do things. As a result, he constantly just blows off meetings with people and is constantly nagged to get his act together.

What was surprising to me was that his entire work and business seemed like it was established with the help of people who were basically giving him all the resources and support to do so. It’s almost like people trying to give their child everything to hopefully start building a castle. However, for whatever reason the child doesn’t seem too keen in doing so.

That made me think, would you actually keep pushing and supporting people in these scenarios? Or would you simply say they don’t really want it which means you need to step away as well? This is probably way trickier if it is a family member as an example as everyone wants the best for them. But I think one needs to actually have the genuine desire to succeed. Who knows. Maybe they would much rather prefer just being an employee as an example.

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