If Another Pandemic of Unknown Pneumonia Occurs
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If Another Pandemic of Unknown Pneumonia Occurs

Well, I was reading some news articles today where in China there was another virus discovered that could be worse than the Coronavirus. Apparently this is simply being labelled as the “unknown pneumonia” which has caused over 1700 death apparently. So it makes you wonder, if this is truly deadlier than COVID-19 are you actually fully adjusted by now to go through life assuming nothing will get back to normal per se?

This means for example finding ways to do all your work remotely or even completely changing careers that enables you to do so as an example. Or if you aren’t changing in that regards do you fully have everything in place to enable you to navigate through busy crowds as an example? I think for myself the only big type of investment that I may have to do is to upgrade my computer that I have been using for over a decade. Yes, it’s still usable, although it struggles at times. With more people needing to use things like video conferencing too an upgrade may be wise.

At this point for myself I think everything minus businesses being closed down everything seems normal to me in terms of adapting with the proper resources. So if anything new does occur it’s more about the type of work that you can do or is in demand as a result. But if you haven’t invested in resources for the long-term thinking this will all go away this year you may want to reconsider before it’s too late. You could probably still get the items you need of course except there may be more risk of inflated prices due to demand.

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