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Hybrid Saving Methods For Unexpected Expenses

So over the next few weeks it seems like I will need to enlist the service of a person to help accomplish a goal. It turns out that this will cost about $1000. Now for unexpected expenses I guess you could simply just take it out of your savings account as usually that’s why you save money for right? Basically, putting it away for a rainy day.

For myself I usually always like t do a little bit of everything. For example, not only will I take some money out of the savings, but I actively look for ways to see if I can do something extra that will fit into my schedule to help accumulate the funds too. It appeared that in a few weeks there was this setup for the Olympics here and I thought that sounded fun. Not only, that it fitted perfect into my personal schedule and I would also get some extra funds from that.
I feel that this always keeps you on your toes as you don’t become self reliant on one way to survive financially.

Heck, eventually you can probably meet enough people where you can barter ll your services to one another.

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