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How Much You Buy of Items That Have Rock Bottom Prices

Recently I saw some deals on certain items that looked like they were 80% off from its regular retail price compared to other stores. Of course, I picked one up as to me this seemed like an error or that the company just doesn’t care about getting rid of it. As word got around, some people went to the store with the sole purpose of purchasing the whole inventory.

You can usually find these types of deals where stores sell certain items because of consumer demand and at the same time they don’t really focus on it as an integral part of its operations. That then made me think, if you knew that a certain item was extremely cheap and that it won’t drop in price in other stores for a long time do you actually buy more quantities as a result?

Example, let’s say you saw a great TV that you wanted that was selling for $200 where everywhere else was selling it for $1000 and probably will be for a long time. Would you actually buy say two and then figure out what to do with the other one afterwards? Or would you just buy the one for yourself?

I have a habit where if I personally know there are other people that may want it too I would purchase extra ones as a way to help them save money too. I have a circle of friends where we do that all the time as we know what we each would buy if we saw it for dirt cheap. At worst we could always sell it off to someone else or give it away as a present where the receiver will be extremely surprised.

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