How Much Loose Change Did I Save?
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How Much Loose Change Did I Save?

So with all this talk about the economy crisis and people trying to save money, one comment I read was how people have to scramble for loose change in their homes just to pay the bills. This made me curious on how much loose change I have saved thus far. As you all may know, my loose change habit is to simply dump it into like a piggy bank as a way to prevent me from spending it on say some kind of vending machine on a different date.

So first of all, here are the “piggy banks” that I use:

Piggy Banks

Hey, sometimes your old savings habit as a kid can still help you out in your adult life as well. Of course, you all want to see how many coins correct? Well, here it is:

Piggy Bank Coins

From left to right, these are the coins and the individual value for each:

1) Quarters = 25 cents
2) Nickels = 5 cents, Dimes = 10 cents
3) Pennies = 1 cents
4) Loonies = 1 Dollar, Toonies = 2 Dollars

I know most people wonder how much you can save with a simple habit like this. I’m not sure about this bunch yet as I haven’t fully counted it. But if you want, take a guess how much this all equals too. I’ll post the total amount of each coins and value at a later date.

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  • Athene Paroupoloulis 10/17/2008

    I’m dying to find out how much change you saved 😛

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