How Much Is Too Much For A Monthly Cell Phone Plan
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How Much Is Too Much For A Monthly Cell Phone Plan

I have been trying to do a lot of research lately about potentially switching over to a data phone with the new network that is coming here in Vancouver. Of course, that means high end phones like the iPhone is going to be available with a lot of carriers now.

I was just looking at the phone plans though and they all seem like highway robbery. Example, for the iPhone it looked like for say a 150 minute plan you would be looking at paying at minimum $50/month. You don’t even get features like a caller ID too. It’s a far cry from like the 300+ minutes and a bunch of features I get for about $20 right now.

I always thought a cell phone bill should stay under $50 unless you are truly using it to replace things like your home phone or you use it like every second in your life. Usually you can get really good inside deals by requesting for them. But since this network is so new it will probably take awhile to see some good deals.


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