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The other day I was waiting for a production to start along with a group of other people which meant a lot of waiting around. Within the mix of people I was with, there just happened to be a lot of females and they started to talk about relationships using astrological signs as a way to try and decode people. In this case, specifically men of a certain sign.

Whenever I do talk about things like this it is mostly for fun, but these conversations seemed pretty darn serious. Now for myself I am technically a Pisces and that just happened to be the sign that they were trying to dissect based on their personal experiences. It’s so weird hearing people label others as if the date you were born automatically means one has to be a certain way and not other factors such as your upbringing.

You know what that made me think of? It seemed like they were so into solving the “mystery” of the way a “pisces man” thinks that if I threw myself out there as a “I’m a pisces man, I know how they think” type of scenario that many people would probably be glued to any information that I throw out there based on my personal experiences as if it would be the same for another person.

It reminds me of all these books and videos that people flock to buy too such as a “I am a guy so I know how guys think” where droves of women go to purchase the product in hopes to solve the mystery of men. Or vice versa, a women could write a book on “how women think” and certain guys will think that means all women must think the way they do as described in the book. And I must say, a lot of these people make a good living doing so.

I often use the example where I know another guy that is a “pisces” too and oh boy is he like the polar opposite of me. I’m talking about a person that cheats on others in a very sly way with a trail of deceit. That’s not something a birth date can uncover as an example.

This gave me an idea too. For myself, I pretty much know exactly why I am the way I am. Whether it’d be the ways on how I developed my financial management habits to my aspirations, I pretty much know which experiences molded me to this.

So what would happen if I created say this “I’m a pisces male, ask me questions” type of deal to fill in that niche need that a lot of people seem to want to explore? Would that make me an “expert” in the near future? Same thing with those other examples, all of a sudden people refer to them with titles such as “relationship experts”.

And what makes this interesting too is that maybe I can put some light and a raise some controversy with this. Example, if someone asks me “Why do people do this?” then I am going to answer it based on logic and my life experiences. However, I can easily see someone coming in and then saying it’s because of mystique factors.

I think I can have a lot of fun with this too personally and would be a very interesting case study. That would show that you could literally be an expert on anything too even if it is just simply sharing what you know and experienced. Although, I’ll do it mainly for fun and education for others first and see what happens after. The last time I made a niche site for example it turned out great. Maybe this will too.

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