House Utility Bills That Justify Moving
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House Utility Bills That Justify Moving

Today I was looking at some utility bills with my friend who lives in the US and her house is supposed to be a green friendly house where everything is operated by electricity. Oh my did the bills ever surprise me though. I would think the common electricity bill for a house averages about maybe $40 to $70 a month. The electricity bill for this house had prices ranging from $70 to $800 a month it seemed.

Now you may argue that’s because there is no say gas bill and so it probably evens out in the end. But I can say I never seen a personal residential house without any excessive use of electronics rack up a yearly bill that high. Before she was telling me that she would be better off just selling the house and moving elsewhere which would save her a bundle. After looking at this, that is an understatement.

The price of being an early adopter too I suppose.

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