Hosting Events That Can Lead To More Business

Hosting Events That Can Lead To More Business

drone lake balloon

I had a surprising experience today where I was inside a giant toy store and people were going to fly these FPV drones inside for fun. Literally, flying toys around a toy. Like a dream come true for kids huh? What got me really interested was how the organizers even got such an arrangement to happen. What was even more fascinating is that the toy store in question doesn’t even carry any products related to the event in question.

But what made me think after was how I never even heard of this place until now. Even though the event is unrelated to what they offer I guess you could say it is free unexpected advertisement where they tapped into a different demographic that could be customers later. For the most part it didn’t really cost them anything to do it too as everything was done after store hours.

Apparently people like real estate agents do it all the time in regards to hosting events where meeting people could mean they will be remembered when a house needs to be sold. But in this case it kind of shows that expanding and supporting events or organizations that aren’t directly related to what you currently offer can still have its benefits.

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