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Holiday Sales In Name Only

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Mother’s day is coming up and result I have been looking for some good gift ideas to buy. One thing funny that I noticed is that there is a computer store that was advertising that this week was mothers day sales week. Now keep in mind this is a specialty store too where they sell items that technically savvy people would buy to build their own computer.

I was just thinking how many mothers out there would want a computer fan or hard drive for a gift? This is pretty common I suppose as many companies use holidays simply as a way to drive more sales and I wouldn’t doubt that most people in this case would be simply buying things for themselves. You would think they would try to cater to the target audience more though.

I guess you have to be careful not to shop for yourself too as in some ways I guess this can lure you to stores that you normally shop at with the holiday sign enticing you to take a peak as an excuse that you are trying to find a gift for someone else.

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