Holding Out Longer For Clearance Items
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Holding Out Longer For Clearance Items

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I saw this product today that was selling for about $50 where the regular price is about $100. Aftewards I saw another place offer the same product for about $45. This pattern immediately told me that companies are looking to dump the older models of the product in order to make room for other stuff. Usually if you wait it out long enough and it doesn’t sell it can get extremely cheap.

One way at how I distinguish on whether this is just say a weekly special is that I would actively research if there is indeed a newer model of the item coming out. If the product is recent and there isn’t anything coming in the near future that is a good sign that it is just a sale of the week. You can usually find out pretty easily by going to the manufacturer’s site to find out if anything is coming at as well.

While most people look for new products this way for the sake of wanting something recent, this is a good way to see what is going to be cheap as well.

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