Holding Off Personal Purchases Until Flyers Get Out
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Holding Off Personal Purchases Until Flyers Get Out

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Boxing day is coming soon for people here in Canada and usually within the next few days store deals and flyers for that day begin to pop up. As a result I always hold off any big purchases for myself during these times to avoid the risk of not snagging a good deal on that day instead and potentially saving a lot of money.

I usually find the best way to find information like this is from sites where there is a community of bargain shoppers as most people there attempt to be the first to publish the information. It’s interesting nowadays too as many retailers look like they try to scour the web as well to see if any of its sales information were published prematurely where they would then attempt to take it down. I think the most common ways that the sales get loose in the first place is when employees accidentally leave out a copy of the flyer out somewhere where the general public can take it.

Either way, for me it’s holding off purchases until then.

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