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Holding Out For First Time Customer Offers

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With Amazon Prime coming out I was expecting all the usual deals such as certain items going on sale. But this year there seemed to be so many offers where if you try one of its services then they will in turn give you credit for the site. The two I noticed were that if you stream Amazon Prime video for the first time you would get $10. Then there is another one where if you use Amazon cash and deposit $100 they will give you $25.

That led to reading a lot of comments on how so many people wish they held off so that they could get the free credit. In a lot of cases companies do offer promotions for new customers all the time and so if you don’t really have to have it now waiting can have its benefits like this. Especially for online stores new customer coupons are very common.

Just be careful of course as sometimes offers like these have stipulations such as you will automatically be billed in the future unless you cancel. Funny enough, the best times to find these deals are on event sales days like an anniversary. So odds are you can just get more bonuses if you intended to buy stuff on those days anyways.

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