Holding Back Products When It Is Not Necessary

Holding Back Products When It Is Not Necessary

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During these times tech products are in high demand such as cameras and computer processors as more people are relying on working at home which means having to upgrade hardware for many. But what was interesting is how various companies have completely different business philosophies when it comes to releasing new products.

From what I observed there are some companies which sell cameras and are releasing new revisions pretty quickly it seems. People don’t usually want to buy another $3000 camera in just a year as an example. This could potentially discourage people from wanting to buy from them with the thought that a new model will be out soon. Then I was reading how for some companies they seem to be doing so well financially and can’t keep up with demand where even though they were planning to release something better there doesn’t seem to be a need to financially as things are going great.

Now in that case some people would see that as a negative as well knowing that they are just trying to make as much money as possible in holding back the better offering. It’s like one of those can’t satisfy everyone huh? It makes you wonder what is the best path in that scenario and if you could every truly satisfy everyone.

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