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Holding Back On US Funds Because of The Currency

The Canadian dollar is extremely high currently and what it immediately made me think of is how any US related funds I would be receiving would translate to less money should I receive and cash in the payments at this moment. Therefore, what I decided to do for some of them is postpone the payments so that it can keep accumulating until I decide to request for it.

These aren’t extremely large funds, but rather one of those a hundred here and a hundred there type of situations where you won’t exactly earn much in interest anyways. This almost reminds me of what I did when I was a teen too where I only cashed in my work cheques when it reached a certain amount.

You usually have an X amount of days to cash in payments too, so that just made even more sense to withhold the payments for me. One thing that is good is that any US based bills will be a lot cheaper during this period too.

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