Hobbies As A Skill Investment Too
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Hobbies As A Skill Investment Too

I was talking to a person the other day who was mentioning that she didn’t like it when her son used the computer too much. She preferred it if he went out to say play a sport. I was then semi joking that she should think of it as a skill as when he gets older having a good grasp of computer technology and platforms can be extremely beneficial.

I was kind of surprised as she was so shocked as if she couldn’t see one thing on why it would be good. Speaking for myself, I was always told that knowing too much tech stuff would not be very useful when you grow older. Seems like the polar opposite from my experience as everyone runs to you for advice. Not to mention that you can save so much money by knowing how to do many things by yourself.

The same can go for almost any other items. Heck, even cooking will naturally give someone the edge when it comes to knowledge on the best things to get and how to do it yourself in order to save or make money. I just think we need to be a little more open minded when it comes to pre-judging how beneficial a skill that you directly learn from a hobby can be. They say you can make a career out of anything too. In some ways you can consider a hobby as another form of training too in those cases. Basically just don’t feel like a school.

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